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St. Paul
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Introductions to Orthodoxy

PLEASE NOTE:  Not all links to the works and articles listed below are still active. The internet is always changing!  If a link fails to work, please search for the work or article online using a Google search or through another search engine.  The articles suggested are still good resources even if they are not present on this website. 
the Orthodox Church
Timothy Ware (a.k.a. Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia)
The Orthodox Way
The aforementioned Bishop Kallistos
Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective
Daniel B. Clendenin

Orthodox Theology

Eastern Orthodox Theology: A Contemporary Reader
Daniel B. Clendenin (editor)
Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: A Concise Exposition
Michael Pomazansky
The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church
Vladimir Lossky
Byzantine Theology: Historical Trends and Doctrinal Themes
John Meyendorff

History from an Orthodox Perspective

Church, Papacy, and Schism: A Theological Inquiry
Philip Sherrard
The Greek East and the Latin West
Philip Sherrard
Jesus Through the Centuries
Jaroslav Pelikan
Mary Through the Centuries
Jaroslav Pelikan
Anglican–Orthodox Pilgrimage
Franklin Billerbeck