Church Women's Activities


St. Mark’s Churchwomen

Dana Huft is the president of the Church women and has many exciting things planned for the year.

Antiochian Women Prayer

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

0 Christ our God, we are all pledged to serve Thee with our whole being. Help us to continue to work for Thee through our Church without seeking praise, without seeking personal gain, without judging others, without a feeling that we have worked hard enough and now must allow ourselves rest. Give us strength to do what is right and help us to go on striving and to remember that activities are not the main thing in life. The most important thing is to have our hearts directed and attuned to Thee. Amen.

Service projects for this year:
  • The Women's Shelter (to include Christmas Stockings for them)
  • Scrapbook showing the history of St. Mark's)
  • Visitation of shut-ins: The parish will be divided into geographic areas with a coordinator for each area. Ideas for service could include visits, meals, rides to Church or doctor's appointments, cards and calls. Anyone from the parish who could serve in any of these ways is urged to contact Dana.
Zoe for Life
Zoe for Life! - "ZOE is a non-profit Christ-centered support organization with three major goals: to help women in crisis pregnancy, to assist Orthodox Christian couples seeking to adopt, and to create an Orthodox Christian abstinence program to educate young people."

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America

The Handmaiden: A Journal for Women Serving God Within the Orthodox Christian Faith

Women's Orthodox Ministries and Education Network (WOMEN)

the Treehouse
"The mission of The Treehouse is to foster the well-being of women and their newborn babies by supplying basic necessities and programs supporting their well-being."

Heart steps - An Antiochian ministry to help poor families with babies and toddlers. (See the flyer below.)
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